We decided to start the fertility process in October of 2013. I was rapidly approaching 35 and my partner 36, so it was time. After a lot of testing and consulting, we started our first round of IVF last spring. We harvested my partner’s eggs, them transferred two blastocysts into my uterus. One of them implanted and I was pregnant for eight wonderful weeks, but sadly, that embryo wasn’t ready for the world and in July I had a miscarriage. I’m now pregnant with again and hoping for the best.

Here’s our timeline so far:

October 2013: Visit to reproductive endo doctor for bloodwork and referrals to fertility clinic
Notes: We were handed a booklet with a gorgeous heterosexual couple, wedding rings obvious, all about the difficulties of male and female infertility, called “Issues in Fertility.” Nowhere did this booklet explain our problem: we are both female! Wow, thanks for the info.

November 2013: Visit to USC Fertility for first consultation
We love the doctor! She rolls with the punches of our request for partner assisted IVF and scribbles pages of notes for us, explaining how we would go about fertilizing J’s eggs and implanting embroys into me.

We took a few months to focus on our relationship, the holidays, and how and when we wanted to try to conceive. Fast forward to spring:

February 2014: We decide to go forward with Reciprocal IVF, in which J’s eggs will be extracted, fertilized, and the embryos implanted into my uterus.

March 2014: Mock cycle! I (one planning to carry) begin estrace for a week, then add progesterone for another week, to see how my uterus responds to pregnancy hormones. At the end of the cycle my doctor did a Hydrosonogram and an Endometrial biopsy. My uterus measured 7.5 mm, which was great.

April 15 – May 6: J and I start birth control pills to synchronize our cycles.

April 29: Both of us start Lupron injections

May 17: J starts stimulation injection

May 13 – 27: Lots of office monitoring visits

May 26: I have office visit to check on endometrial lining

May 29, 2014: J’s egg retrieval

May 31, 2014: Embryo transfer