We’ve been in Europe since Sunday morning and Gia isn’t sleeping. This is different from her usual sleep issues though – it’s worse. She has been awake from evening until around 3am for the last three nights, four counting tonight. It’s 11:54 pm and she’s been crying, walking around our room, eating and reading books since 8pm. That’s FOUR HOURS. I feel awful that jet lag and traveling to new places is affecting her like this. Questions have been running through my head: did we make a mistake? Are we selfish? Mean? Expecting a toddler to travel around with us? We knew it would be a tough adjustment, but I never would have imagined it would be this bad. 

She’s been passing out around 3am and we’ve all been sleeping in until 9 or 10 and missing half our day, although our days have been miraculously nice. We’ve have an apartment in Menton, France for three days. Tomorrow we drive back to Italy to hang out on 0the Italian side of the riviera. Gia is enjoying the food and the sun and loves exploring. Just not sleeping.