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I’m away from Gia for the first time unless you count running to the grocery store. J is having some alone time with her and I’m hitting the mall for some back-to-work non-maternity clothes! I felt empty on the way here, but I’m doing okay. Spending a lot of money! I drove all the way to Topanga mall so I’d really feel away from her. At The Grove I’d just be down the street. Plus they have an Eddie Bauer. 

Gia has refused the bottle for weeks. We finally got a Munchkin Latch, a bottle developed by one of the founders of The Pump Station – a life-changing place – and she’s had a few ounces from that bottle in the last couple of days. Today she will have no choice, poor little thing, but it’s necessary! Necessary for me to be away from her, not because I think we’re too attached, just for emotional practice before I go back to work in a couple of weeks. Necessary for J to finally get some alone time with her. Necessary for bottle feeding practice. 

I haven’t been posting because our computers suck and because I’m out with new moms from The Pump Station pretty much every day. We go to Monday Mommy Movie at The Grove, breast feeding support group, and Mommy & Me class, and out to lunch a lot. I’m not the mommy type, I swear! But these ladies aren’t what I expected – they’re laid-back, funny and down-to-earth. There’s even another lesbian who did reciprocal IVF, the first I’ve ever met in person. 

I’m keeping up with you all, sometimes silently, but sending you love!

We got dressed up for our three-year anniversary, but ended up getting room service. So much easier!   
Gia weighs 16 pounds and is 26 inches long. She’s the size of a toddler! A combination of our donor’s height and apparently some super-milk I have. 

 Outgrowing the co-sleeper

She started grabbing!

  Crib nap. So glad I waited for these sheet! 

Wish me luck. I’ve got my hand pump and a cooler in the car!

Gia has received two incredibly sweet and thoughtful gifs from blog friends. I really suck at gift giving and I’m always so impressed when people get it together and send gifts! Thanks to Amazon I’ve gotten better at it but in that sense I feel like I’m contributing to our over-busy, Earth-unfriendly society! Anyway, these gifts are so beautiful and we love them; Thank you My Perfect Breakdown and Lady Love and Baby Dust! I love you guys and Gia does too. 

  Wooden letter block puzzle from My Perfect Breakdown:

Adorable and much-needed onesies from Lady Love:

I’m going to start doing short random posts because actually writing just isn’t happening. I’m still following everyone but I rarely sit down at my computer anymore; I just read on my phone in the middle of the night while nursing.  

Gia is doing well. We just got back from a wonderful 10 days at my mother’s house in New Mexico. She’s still nursing a ton and was over 14 pounds and 25 inches long at her 2-month appointment!


I’ve been writing his post for a week so I decided to just publish it, finished or unfinished!

Just checking in. It’s so hard to blog with an infant attached to me but I miss it. I want to have a recording of Gia’s young life, and keep in touch with my blog friends. I hope you’re all doing well. 
Maternity leave is getting better for sure. We’re keeping busy with support group every Tuesday, champagne-drinking (while breast feeding) after said support group with other new moms, hanging out at my friend’s pool (too nervous to enjoy swimming while Gia is in my friend’s arms) and a lot of eating dinner out on the town. 

I still haven’t decided when I’m going back to work but I’ve made some progress with paperwork and figuring things out. 

Gia updates:

-We’ve been cloth diapering with used diaper stashes from my niece and sister’s friend. It makes me happy that we got used diapers so we saved money and resources just that way. I love not using disposables and I don’t mind washing them and putting the inserts in either!

-Gia is still nursing a LOT, about every hour, but she’s started taking long naps so at least I can get a few things done here and there.  Breast feeding continues to go well although she’s getting so big she’s hard to carry around the house while feeding, which I sometimes do when home alone.

– I’m working out as much as possible (workout DVDs in the living room while she’s in the rock n play).

– Gia has started smiling, giggling and cooing which is freaking adorable. She especially loves this little bouncer with a farm theme we have. She stares at the hanging pig and chick and is either mesmerized or cracks up. J is her primary play partner on evenings and weekends. We read her books and made a mobile that’s appropriate for her current developmental stage (simple bright contrasting colors, 10 inches from her eyes).


Gia is thriving. She had gained FOUR POUNDS in her one month of life by last week. We’re getting out of the house much more now, in fact I feel busy in a balanced way. Last week I went to breast feeding support group at The Pump Station, met with a friend and her baby for coffee on Thursday, and went to my own check-up with my midwife on Friday. J took the rest of Friday off and met me for lunch. At a real restaurant! In public! Gia hung out in her carrier while we ate, sleeping peacefully. The three of us then went to The Pump Station for a workshop on Developmental Play.

  Bedtime Story:

  At the park with friends from prenatal yoga:

 In the ring sling:   At the play workshop:

 In the Ergo:  

We spent the weekend in San Diego, which was awesome. Man do I miss that place! Gia met one of her uncles and we stayed at J’s parents’ summer house. We had coffee with one friend, then dinner with another, then a nice long brunch with my friends Sunday morning before going to my friend’s wedding. Gia slept in the car, with one nursing break, and was pretty chill while we were visiting. We sat outside at a great cafe for breakfast and passed her around a little. I think she may have smiled!


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