I got through a week of work on “modified duties” which proved to be just as busy as regular duties, but with me having a more relaxed perspective and fiercely guarding my sanity with strict boundaries. My office was very supportive but it’s just not a low-stress job. Of course, whose is.

If you’re positive for Strep B, which I am because I had a UTI in my first trimester, apparently you must be on antibiotics during labor. J has done a ton of research on this and does not want our baby to be born on IV antibiotics. A very user-friendly site she used was this:


I’ll be tested again in a few weeks and if I’m negative by then, they will not administer them. J has me on a regimen of probiotics, garlic and yVitamin C capsules, plus a no-sugar (well okay, probably more like low-sugar) diet. I’m also drinking apple cider vinegar in my water and eating fermented foods like pickles and a lot of plain yogurt.

I asked my mom the midwife about this and although she believes in natural birth with few interventions unless absolutely necessary, she thinks the antibiotics are necessary in this case. However, she then reflected that in he the seventies when my sisters and I were born, they didn’t do a Strep B test and that she was likely positive for it and didn’t even know. Well, my sisters and I are all fine (at least in this way); we didn’t die because my mother didn’t have antibiotics. Only a very small percentage of babies whose mothers are positive for Strep B contract it, and of those fewer than
4% actually die.

If it were up to just me, I probably wouldn’t risk it, but I respect J’s viewpoint and it’s certainly worth a try to get rid of it. I like healthy eating anyway and after so many sweets over the baby shower weekend, it’s nice to scarf vegetables and not pastries.

Last night we watched Birth Story, the documentary about Ina May Gaskin and the Farm midwives. We’ve watched all of the episodes of The Business of Being Born and there’s a great episode also about The Farm. When I was little, my mother’s copy of Spiritual Midwifery started at me from the bookshelf but I’ve never had an interest in childbirth or babies so I didn’t pay much attention. The fact that my mother delivered babies was beautiful and amazing, it just had nothing to do with me. Anyway, the movie both terrified and inspired me. Watching a breach birth was really scary – my vagina actually hurt. But there were also some peaceful and happy births. It made us want to have a home birth. We probably won’t due to a number of factors, but in a perfect world I would have a birthing tub in my living room or at least go to a birthing center. These mother are amazing and make labor into something empowering and sensual, not medical and scary.

To prepare for this gargantuan task, we’ve been doing hypnobirthing exercises. This week i went to my car on a lunch break to do a hypnobirthing meditation and was in such a deep trance that I locked my keys in my car. I used it to get through a painful dentist appointment today and it helped. We’ll also start perineal massage in a few weeks to prepare the vagina for stretching and birthing sensations.

My posts about my high risk appointment and my baby shower are coming soon!