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First of all, thank you to Ladyloveandbabydust for generously sending me progesterone last week! It got to LA quickly and I didn’t have to order just a few pills, which would’ve been a huge hassle and delivery fee.

However, my level was tested at the fertility clinic yesterday and was only 17. 17 is perfectly acceptable, in fact it’s only concerning if it’s below 15, but the clinic likes it to be over 20 to be on the safe side, so they put me back on it. Ugh I was so excited to be done shoving powder pills up there all day long!

I requested to get a generic version from Kaiser thinking it would be cheaper and way easier to pick up (the fertility pharmacy is far away and had an expensive delivery charge), but when I picked it up from Kaiser it was $100 anyway.

The final part to my rant has to do with a burning sensation. I’ve heard mamaetmaman say before, that endometrian burns, and as I was arriving at work this morning, realizing my vagina was on fire, she popped into my mind. Ouch! As Gollum would say, “It burns us”!

However, I will go to great lengths to ensure our baby stays with us, so even kicking up my progesterone level a little and spending extra money is fine. I’m just not looking forward to torturing my private parts three times a day for two more weeks.

In other news, or lack thereof, our genetic testing results have not come back yet. I really look forward to knowing our baby is healthy, and can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or a girl! It’s going to make things so real… Hurry up, universe! And Verify.

Quick medical update, then hopefully tomorrow I’ll have time to write a post about our weekend adventures.

J’s follicles are blooming. Yesterday her estrogen was almost 2,000 and she had 18 follicles on one ovary and 14 on the other. We finally saw our doctor yesterday who we hadn’t seen since starting stimulation. She told us that unfortunately J is at risk for OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) because she’s responding so well to the meds, but hopefully that won’t happen. For now we’re keeping the same doses – 150 Follistim (down from 225 three days ago), 1 menopur, 5 Lupron. Here’s an ultrasound of J’s follicles:


J told me she could “feel something happening” in her abdomen. I find this fascinating. What does it feel like? Does it hurt? She said it felt like thirty cotton balls saturated in liquid had invaded her uterus, that she felt “full” but it didn’t hurt. Interesting. Her stomach is covered in blue bruises and small red needle marks. I feel awful every night when she has to inject again so I’ve been cleaning the house and making comfort food.

This week we have to be at the clinic Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, then J’s retrieval next week. I can’t work out or sleep as much because the schedule is crazy and requires me to travel 1/2 hour to the clinic downtown, then an hour back to the west side for work. Work is super busy for both of us and in the meantime I’m in the hiring process for my new job. I not complaining, it’s exciting, but I’ve had my moments of feeling overwhelmed.

The monitoring during egg retrieval keeps track of J’a follicle growth, number of follicles, and estradiol level. Last week her estradiol was 37. Her current level is 380! She has 16 follicles on one ovary today and 14 on the other. One of them was already large and is now 13 mm. Monday the US tech was concerned that with one big follicle the others would stop growing and we’d have to wait a cycle, but today she said the others are growing too, so we’re still in the game.

J had to have the clinic bloodwork, then another blood draw for some tests we had forgotten to get, and tonight is about to get three more needles in the stomach šŸ˜¦ The kitties and I are being very nice to her!


Last night we started Lupron injections. We were a little nervous so I suggested an after-work run, as pain is less noticeable after exercise. Upon return, we look at each other fearfully. Where’s the pharmacy bag? J asks. We spent some time watching YouTube videos of other baby-challenged girls giving themselves lupron injections. If she can do it, we can do it! J says.

We open our syringes and bottle of medicine. J cleans her belly with alcohol swab and waits for it to dry and I draw up. She tells me to go steady. I tell her I’m going to just do it so we don’t psych ourselves out. She looks away, I stab the needle in quickly and as gently as possible and push the medicine in. She repeats the process with me and afterwards I lie on the floor on a yoga mat. We give each other high fives. We did it!!!

Now we just have to do it every night for weeks…

In other news, we haven’t picked up J’s medications from MDR yet. For those of you not in fertility treatment, MDR is the fertility pharmacy. Apparently if you walk around LA carrying one of these bags other baby-challenged couples will know you’re in treatment. I know this from the intern at my office whose wife went through three IVF cycles, didn’t get pregnant, then finally got pregnant using IUI. Yay! She’s actually due next week!

Anyway, back to meds – we haven’t picked them up yet because the total cost of them is… gulp… $2,641.30. Wow.