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Gia has been one year for a week now. It’s crazy. Someone asked me today when she started crawling and I couldn’t remember. That’s when I realized it’s time to start keeping updates. They may not be on adorable chalkboards or unique fabric every month, but at least they’ll be done!

We had her birthday party early in the month in Minnesota, but also had a little birthday dinner for her while my mom was in town. My mom made spaghetti and meatballs, since Gia likes to slurp up the spaghetti. For dessert I made whipped cream over fresh berries and almond biscuits. We got her the radio flyer tricycle!

Gia has reached some milestones and is racing towards others. She says actual words now – when you ask her what a crow says, she says “Caw! Caw!” She says “apple,” “up,” “agua” and “uh oh” in the correct contexts. She also says “hi mama” and “buh bye”. 

She’s taken a couple of steps here and there, but she prefers crawling. She crawls at lightning speed. She can open the door to her bedroom and crawl away during bedtime routine. 

We took her to the beach for the first time on Sunday. We held her over the water and she loved the waves so much that she cried out in ecstasy as they crashed over and under her. She crabwalked over the sand and right back into the ocean by herself. 

She eats everything and yet she’s particular. One day she’ll shove spinach and chicken in her mouth; the next, the same foods will be gently removed from her plate and dropped onto the floor. She usually peers at me while she’s doing this to see if I’m watching. Tonight while we were eating dinner, she rocked back and forth and shook her head to Credence Clearwater Revival. She’s been nursing a lot on weekends and still nurses to sleep each night. I thought I’d finished pumping at work, but J and I have had some after-work dates and wedding meetings, so I’ve had to keep it up. 

I can’t talk about her turning a year old without discussing Leap 8. It has been the worst growth spurt so far. All of the leaps manifest in sleep in our household. Two weeks ago, at around 51 weeks, Gia stopped going to sleep on time and started staying awake in the middle of the night for two full hours, sometimes more. This happened for three week nights in a row and it was Hell. She then slept ok for one night, then was up from 11:30 pm to 3am on a Friday night. We tried everything – nursing, bottles, snacks, toys, letting her cry; nothing worked. I’ve called into work and gone in late a few times, and reinstated lunchtime car naps. I think the worst is over. For those of you who have the Wonder Weeks app, the storm cloud passed two days ago and we’ve had one good night of sleep so I’ll keep you posted. 

This is a video of how whiny and clingy she’s been during Leap 8:

For all the sleep deprivation, I can honestly say that what comes to mind when I think about the last couple of weeks is just pure joy. Her smile and laughter and antics have changed. Watching her learn and grow is beyond incredible. 

I have to just take the plunge and write a quick post because I miss this community! My posts will probably be shorter and less reflective, and more about Gia and wedding updates, but I’m going to try to be more active. 

Last night Gia took a bottle from me for the first time since she was a month old. I was away from her for four days while she stayed with Jen at her childhood home. I missed her but thoroughly enjoyed going to see Tarzan by myself with a waterbottle of vodka and lemonade and a bag of coconut curry cashews… 

Anyway, despite pumping four or more times a day, by the time they got back I had barely any milk. I was pumping nothing and even with her nursing on one side, just a dribble. Now we have to give her bottles after nursing but since my supply isn’t completely gone, I’m trying to get it back up by nursing and pumping and eating lots of carbs and fats and drinking water and lactation tea. She got used to taking a bottle while we were separated and now she’s nursing and then drinking a bottle all in one cuddle session. 

Gia has overall been sleeping a little better with only one wake-up around 2am, until she got a cold, and another leap started. This week I’m dragging myself out of bed after just a few hours of sleep and getting through work bleary-eyed and hyped up on caffeine again. She is doing great though, crawling, standing, climbing onto to couch and getting down carefully all by herself. She even opens her bedroom door with the handle. She also says “up,” “mama” and “uh-oh”. I’ll do a one-year post soon. 

Here are some pics from her birthday party at my in-laws!

Cake time:

Smash cake: whole-grain banana cake “iced” with Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries by yours truly:

Wonderful old friends and my very pregnant SIL!

Opening presents with Mama:

Wiped out from all the partying:

July 4th boat ride:


Uncle and cousins!

The last post was published by accident with my stupid sore thumbs! Here it is corrected:

There’s so much I want to say… But it’s hard with no laptop and sore thumbs. I’m so in love with my baby. She’s developing so much and it’s amazing watching it every day. She’s so funny and sweet. When she laughs or burries her face in my neck I just melt. It’s hard to have such a huge responsibility when I’ve been free to do whatever I want for so many years, but this is exactly why I did it – to have this parent-child love in my life. Taking care of her is getting easier and I’m more confident so some of the intense anxiety I had is dissipated.

Gia update:

She’s crawling a lot now and loves to be supported while standing up but since she can’t pull herself up yet we don’t let her do it for too long. She’s eating mostly adult food as she started rejecting the baby food a couple of weeks ago. She loves vegetable soup so I’ve been making her lots of it – it’s just fresh organic vegetables cut into small pieces in broth (low salt) with beans. She’s obsessed! She also loves lentil curry with coconut milk (one of J’s specialities but made without salt) and scrambled eggs (also without salt). We give her some blueberries, mango and strawberries a few times a week but really she just wants soup!
Gia weighs 21.5 pounds. It’s difficult having to constantly lift up a baby the size of a person who normally would be able to walk around on her own. Hence the sore thumbs. I have an orthopedic appointment on Friday. I do want a cortisone shot, except that I had one in my left wrist a few years ago and it hurt so badly I cried the whole motorcycle ride home (back when J drove me around on her bike which was super hot) and it atrophied and I lost some muscle tone. But I never had pain there again! 

 Doing some yoga with the nanny: 
 Breast feeding in The Gap (her favorite way to nap on weekends – in the Ergo, not in The Gap): 

Just being adorable:  

 Eating breakfast: 

J and I are reassessing our relationship now that we’re getting more used to parenting. It’s been a difficult adjustment for us and since we didn’t get a chance to get married prior to her birth, it feels like the stakes are high. Our relationship has such a strong base and we’re both fully committed. We’ve set aside one night a week to talk and connect and weekend nights have been more fun now that Gia’s bedtime is under control; we can have some beers and watch a movie together, which feels so exciting after months of having to go to bed with Gia!
That’s it for now. No organized monthly updates here, but I’m trying to keep up with you all!

Hi ladies, I need some support and I guess here is an appropriate place. My boss had a baby last week so her boss is in charge. She’s giving me a hard time about pumping – she has made comments about how I shouldn’t be using a certain office and I need to find a different place to pump. Today I stood up to her and explained that I’m back at work because I genuinely want to be there – I care about our clinic and I’m a hard worker – but I can’t work for her if she doesn’t understand that I need to pump. Then she told me that it was a private issue and I should not have mentioned it in a meeting (“I said I would be happy to see a client but needed to pump first” in front of other staff.) I told her it was not a personal comment, that it’s normal to pump I’m just explaining what I’m doing and she said if it were her she would keep it private. Also, the other staffi mentioned it in front of us a man who also had a new baby and whose wife pumps at work!! All of my coworkers are super supportive and don’t even blink an eyelash when I say I have to go pump – this is a WOMEN’s clinic I work in! For the county of LA no less! And she is a thirty-something woman; shame on her  for not supporting other women. It’s ridiculous – a perfect example of a woman using her power against other women in the work world to get ahead. Pumping should be normalized – it’s bad enough I have to leave my baby every day and pump at work. I’m so frustrated – I stood up to her and it backfired. She is a young director, single with no kids but has pictures of her little nephews all over her office. Maybe she’s subconsciously jealous.

My sister recommended this recipe which has the three primary ingredients to support good milk supply – oats, brewers yeast and flax. More importantly, they’re seriously delicious! I made them today and froze them in small baggies so I can defrost a bag when I need more. This website is also fantastic for all kinds of natural pregnancy and baby information.




I also got my tires rotated, gassed up the car, got a car wash, had our house professionally cleaned, went grocery shopping and bought more frozen and pantry food, and put sparkly plastic tips on the cats’ nails.

And took TWO naps, went for a long walk, went to yoga class with my doula, took a long bath, did a hypnobirthing exercise, had half a glass of wine, and made eggplant Parmesan with spaghetti and sautéed zucchini for my honey.

Going for a balance of productivity and relaxation right now!