I’ve been writing his post for a week so I decided to just publish it, finished or unfinished!

Just checking in. It’s so hard to blog with an infant attached to me but I miss it. I want to have a recording of Gia’s young life, and keep in touch with my blog friends. I hope you’re all doing well. 
Maternity leave is getting better for sure. We’re keeping busy with support group every Tuesday, champagne-drinking (while breast feeding) after said support group with other new moms, hanging out at my friend’s pool (too nervous to enjoy swimming while Gia is in my friend’s arms) and a lot of eating dinner out on the town. 

I still haven’t decided when I’m going back to work but I’ve made some progress with paperwork and figuring things out. 

Gia updates:

-We’ve been cloth diapering with used diaper stashes from my niece and sister’s friend. It makes me happy that we got used diapers so we saved money and resources just that way. I love not using disposables and I don’t mind washing them and putting the inserts in either!

-Gia is still nursing a LOT, about every hour, but she’s started taking long naps so at least I can get a few things done here and there.  Breast feeding continues to go well although she’s getting so big she’s hard to carry around the house while feeding, which I sometimes do when home alone.

– I’m working out as much as possible (workout DVDs in the living room while she’s in the rock n play).

– Gia has started smiling, giggling and cooing which is freaking adorable. She especially loves this little bouncer with a farm theme we have. She stares at the hanging pig and chick and is either mesmerized or cracks up. J is her primary play partner on evenings and weekends. We read her books and made a mobile that’s appropriate for her current developmental stage (simple bright contrasting colors, 10 inches from her eyes).