Today was a big day. When we arrived at the hospital we went to the specialty ultrasound and imaging department and checked in. They asked me if I had drank 35 oz of water – well no, because I hadn’t received the instructions. Oops. The receptionist brought me two styrofoam cups of water to down. The US nurse called me right away and said J would not be allowed back until the end and that it was standard procedure. Fine. J asked some questions about the US – being a lab designing architect, she doesn’t like any extra procedures and prefers all procedure times to be minimized. The nurse was respectful but explained that I’m order to get necessary measurements, the scan would take about 45 minutes.

In the room she put warm gel on my belly and showed me the baby right away. She did a ton of measurements and chatted to me the whole time. I don’t understand why J would have been disruptive but she did go and get J ASAP. We saw the baby’s heart beating away, her femur, a strong spine, her feet, hands, lips, chin, eyes, skull and most importantly, vagina and labia! Definitely a girl.

The nurse checked out my cervix and placenta and right now the position of the placenta is low. Later on in pregnancy this can lead to a c-section but both the nurse and my trusty mom say it’s still early and will rise. We are so grateful that Glitter is okay. I feel her move a lot now, although just small flutters.

The first one apparently shows that she’s a girl (three white lines). The third one is her face. My favorite is her cute little hand!





To quote the movie Benny and Joon, “my life is really complicated right now.” There are a lot of things happening at once, wonderful, sad, scary, you name it. Tomorrow I will post about my recent trip to Florida, my grandmother’s somewhat unexpected death, and potentially, our new house. Glitter’s moms are busy getting life ready for her, but life in the fast lane has brought me a cold and I can barely find time to do this post! I promise a nice long post by Sunday. I miss all of you and have been following all of your news, even though I haven’t been commenting.

Have a wonderful weekend!