Wedding planning is a wonderful distraction from hoping our embies are safe and want to stay in my belly. It’s so overwhelming and exciting, and it’s going to happen baby or not, so it’s an all-consuming, entertaining pastime.

Here’s where we’re at so far: Whether or not I stay pregnant, we’re going to get married this spring in California, so that our legal marriage and wedding celebration are one in the same. It’s crazy to plan a wedding in five months! I always thought I’d be planning for over a year, but it really feels right to get married before we become parents.

Since I lived in San Diego for nine years I’ve seen a lot of beach weddings, and I don’t want one – too cold and sandy! We’re thinking about getting married in the Sequoia National Park. In February J and I went to Sequoia for a weekend and loved it. It’s so peaceful and awe-inspiring there. Here are some pics from our trip:




At the top of Moro Rock, which has panoramic views

At the top of Moro Rock, which has panoramic views

Sunset at the top of Moro Rock

Sunset at the top of Moro Rock

Here are the elements I’d love for my wedding:

– Very natural setting, in the woods, a field or gardens

– Intimate and retreat-style, where family and closest friends can spend the weekend together

– Heartfelt, earthy and laid-back

– DIY elements like centerpieces, placecards and ceremony programs

– Catering that uses as many local resources as possible

In the past few days I’ve considered a lot of options and have done a lot of research. Because sequoia is difficult for friends and family to get to, we thought about getting married in wine country, in a town outside of San Diego, or even in downtown LA. We love sleek industrial warehouses, boutique hotels, and ranch-style retreats. There are so many great venues, but they’re very pricey and many are already booked. After much deliberation and literally hours and days on the Internet, we’re pretty sure that Sequoia is our choice. It’s breathtaking, has sentimental value, is affordable, and has all of the elements that are important to us.

Having a wedding weekend there would be low-stress. Everyone would be able to get in some incredible hiking, and the lodge has a decent restaurant for the rehearsal dinner.

Here are some weddings that took place in Sequoia, with photo credits:



(Dez & Tam Photography)





(Bergreen Photography, via

The pics from the Wuksachi Lodge website look a little cheesy, but I think with some help we could make the space gorgeous:



(Wuksachi Lodge brochure pics)

I’ve contacted the lodge and they have a lot of available dates. I put together a budget proposal based on the lodge’s prices and catering menus. We’ve contacted a few documentary-style photographers. Best of all, we have our ceremony officiant, one of my best friends from college who has a ceremony business! We’ve also booked a room at Wuksachi for December to plan things in person.

Let me know what you think, I know you all have lots of wedding experience!