On Friday we met our new midwife. She’s at Kaiser, but she’s also an acupuncturist and a fan of Chinese medicine. She was very authoritative, almost Narcissistic, but J described it as “in a good way.” She’s very east coast in the way she communicates, that is, blunt, to-the-point, almost abrasive. This is how I myself am, but I wasn’t expecting it. I was expecting a soft, sweet and nurturing midwife!

She doesn’t do ultrasounds, which made J happy because she wants the least invasive route possible. Instead she used a Doppler to hear the beautiful, strong heartbeat, and measured my stomach with her fingers. She reported that I’m measuring 26 weeks, and I was at 25.0, but she described it as normal. She took us back to her cozy office and did in fact say all the right things – that she believes pregnancy and childbirth don’t require extreme interventions, that they don’t need to be treated like diseases and procedures. I told her about our doula and our desire for a natural birth. She told us that we can dim the lights in the hospital, bring music, and make it feel like our bedroom. The Kaiser hospital is actually very natural birth and baby-bonding friendly. According to the doctors we’ve seen, our midwife and the reading material they gave us, they do everything they can to prevent induction, c-sections and any other interventions you don’t want, and they place your baby on your chest immediately to share body heat and make immediate attempts at breast feeding. They clearly state that they encourage at least a full year of breast-feeding. Maybe every hospital says these things, but from the research and observation I’ve done it seems very progressive.

Next week we have our first birthing class. It’s led by our doula, who is also my prenatal yoga instructor, at my yoga studio. My kind of class! It teaches movement and massage for both partners to ease pain and support a natural labor as much as possible. We have to sign up for a breastfeeding class and more birthing classes. I have a feeling that reading The Womanly Art of Breast Feeding is teaching me more than a class will, but of course I’ll attend the class, too. I want to do everything possible to be prepared for successful breast feeding without using bottles and without supplementation.


Work is much better. We love our apartment. My baby shower planning is underway. We even have a “nursery” to start filling and decorating! Last night J put her head on my belly and Glitter kicked her in the ear! She was happy and excited. She even said she heard the “thump,” something I can’t do! So cool.

Despite loving our new place and being pregnant, I’m suffering from some sort of stomach bug. I was sick all weekend with vomiting and diarrhea. I have a sensitive stomach to begin with, and as it grows bigger, my tolerance for food is going down. I don’t know if it’s a bacteria that found it’s way into my body or what but it sucks! On Saturday I ran out of yoga class to throw up in the studio bathroom. In all my months of morning sickness this never happened! I left work an hour early today and have been in bed ever since. Please go away soon so I can keep enjoying all the good things happening!