I’m finally putting up nursery pics (thanks for the inspiration, Hound Mamas!). It’s been kind of a mess with many different blankets, baby gear and diaper stuff everywhere but it’s finally pretty pulled together.

A glider really wouldn’t fit in here so J found this amazing modern wooden rocking chair. I love it! I also need to find some throw pillows for the futon, but for now it’ll be used as a bed for my mom, then probably a bed for J and me when she goes back to work and we may need to sleep separately. Glitter will be co-sleeping with us, so the nursery is really just for fun and daytime use right now.


We’re going to be using disposable diapers for a few weeks because my sister is giving us Giuliana’s huge diaper supply, but it’s currently in a storage warehouse until they move into their new house at the beginning of August. The diapers will then be shipped from Boston! The cloth wipes are all ready and we’re going to be using a spray solution of Dr Bronner’s lavender soap mixed with water and almond oil (recommendation from one sister). We also have lots of clean swaddlers in the container next to the diapers. The diaper changer is the best part of the changing station – it’s a Keekaroo, which you just wipe down and doesn’t use covers, therefore you don’t have to keep changing a cover (recommendation from other sister).


It’s funny how many baby blankets you get as gifts when they’re actually not safe for the baby for a long time! We have lots of cute ones we’ll use for decoration for now, and I’m sure next winter they’ll come in handy in the stroller, etc. The one over the crib I knitted and matches the ones I made for my niece and nephew!


I also have to share these onesies I found. I really don’t like pastel colors so I was so excited to find these, they actually look like something I would wear!