The last post was published by accident with my stupid sore thumbs! Here it is corrected:

There’s so much I want to say… But it’s hard with no laptop and sore thumbs. I’m so in love with my baby. She’s developing so much and it’s amazing watching it every day. She’s so funny and sweet. When she laughs or burries her face in my neck I just melt. It’s hard to have such a huge responsibility when I’ve been free to do whatever I want for so many years, but this is exactly why I did it – to have this parent-child love in my life. Taking care of her is getting easier and I’m more confident so some of the intense anxiety I had is dissipated.

Gia update:

She’s crawling a lot now and loves to be supported while standing up but since she can’t pull herself up yet we don’t let her do it for too long. She’s eating mostly adult food as she started rejecting the baby food a couple of weeks ago. She loves vegetable soup so I’ve been making her lots of it – it’s just fresh organic vegetables cut into small pieces in broth (low salt) with beans. She’s obsessed! She also loves lentil curry with coconut milk (one of J’s specialities but made without salt) and scrambled eggs (also without salt). We give her some blueberries, mango and strawberries a few times a week but really she just wants soup!
Gia weighs 21.5 pounds. It’s difficult having to constantly lift up a baby the size of a person who normally would be able to walk around on her own. Hence the sore thumbs. I have an orthopedic appointment on Friday. I do want a cortisone shot, except that I had one in my left wrist a few years ago and it hurt so badly I cried the whole motorcycle ride home (back when J drove me around on her bike which was super hot) and it atrophied and I lost some muscle tone. But I never had pain there again! 

 Doing some yoga with the nanny: 
 Breast feeding in The Gap (her favorite way to nap on weekends – in the Ergo, not in The Gap): 

Just being adorable:  

 Eating breakfast: 

J and I are reassessing our relationship now that we’re getting more used to parenting. It’s been a difficult adjustment for us and since we didn’t get a chance to get married prior to her birth, it feels like the stakes are high. Our relationship has such a strong base and we’re both fully committed. We’ve set aside one night a week to talk and connect and weekend nights have been more fun now that Gia’s bedtime is under control; we can have some beers and watch a movie together, which feels so exciting after months of having to go to bed with Gia!
That’s it for now. No organized monthly updates here, but I’m trying to keep up with you all!