I took a very traditional workshop on First Foods at The Pump Station which outlines a plan for how to introduce one food at a time, which foods to introduce only after one year, and how to ensure your baby doesn’t get addicted to carbs (lots of veggies, no pouches, applesauce or puffs). My Mommy & Me instructor encourages BLW and says she wishes she’d done it with her two children ten years ago though. I created a control-freak plan and printed it out for the refrigerator, but we ended up trying a combination of baby-led weaning and purée. Gia spits up more when we don’t purée her food, so I’m making those most of the time. I’ve given her pieces of fresh veggies to suck on and pieces of vegan muffin, veggie wrap and some soup and salad at restaurants, and all has been okay. We’ve also tried egg yolk scrambled with finely chopped spinach and avocado which was a huge hit. We do need purees at the ready during weekdays for quick meals and the nanny, and since Gia is 20.5 pounds she seems hungry a lot. I’m using a book called Sage Spoonfulls for ideas about which veggies to combine and how to cook them. I add a dash of olive oil – I want her to love vegetables! Here are some combos I’ve made:

Sweet potatoes & broccoli

Yams, carrots and zucchini

Red potatoes and English peas

Red & blue potatoes, parsnip & zucchini 

Oatmeal and blueberries


This bamboo steamer is awesome for making baby food!



She is just so adorable when she likes something! Some days she gobbles up a whole plate and other days she won’t touch the same food. We let her eat with her hands which basically means paint the dining room table and her face!

She also likes mango and apple purée chilled in the silicone feeder: 

On another note, I’m not pumping enough milk to keep up with her. It sucks. My freezer stash is quickly diminishing and instead of the three or four ounces I used to get each session, I now get 1.5 between BOTH SIDES. I pump before and after work with her nursing on the other side and get more, but I have to pump like its my job in order to make enough for her. My only breast freeding goals were to let her wean herself (probably when she’s five God help me) and to not use formula, since I’ve always had plenty of milk, but at this point I think we’ll need to supplement soon. I wish my body responded better to the pump. I drink lactation tea all day at work and guzzle water. I also eat oatmeal with flax for breakfast and eat two lactation cookies a day. I’d lost some weight from eating really healthy and my nanny said I shouldn’t do that yet and maybe it was reducing my supply (she breast fed three children for at least two years each) so I’ve started eating more too. The problem is really that I don’t get a letdown easily without Gia, not even with the button on the pump. Who’s had to supplement? Has anyone had to do this when returning to work?