Big news story for a six-month-old baby – Gia’s sleep has been awful. Occasionally she’ll sleep five hours at a time, but for the most part, since November, she’s had trouble falling asleep, wakes up every hour or two, nurses for an hour, or is awake crying or wanting to play in the middle of the night. It’s driving me bonkers, but by the light of day I realize that this is so normal for a baby and what did I expect?! She slept pretty well as a newborn, usually only nursed twice (except for cluster feeding nights) and had a long stretch of about six hours every night, so we’ve been a little shocked with this transition. First I thought it was the four month sleep regression, then the holidays and traveling, then leap 5… Well now there’s nothing to blame it on. 

Part of the problem is comparing her to the other babies in my Mommy & Me group. Apparently most of them sleep “through the night” now and are night weaned. Seriously?? I cannot imagine Gia not nursing at least twice in the nighttime. I would literally have to watch her scream and sob for two hours if I didn’t nurse her. I’ve tried to detach her often as soon as she’s done to cut back, but with Gia, if she wants to nurse, she’s going to nurse. Do I have horrible boundaries? Am I “spoiling” her? It’s confusing. I chose a lot of attachment-style parenting because it just makes sense to me – babies are so little and helpless. If I don’t feed her or change her diaper or comfort her, she can’t do it for herself. I want to be there for her. Our society and my bank account require that I keep working, but she’s just not ready for a strict schedule or to sleep in a room by herself. 

I read The No Cry Sleep Solution and made a sleep plan for her a few weeks ago. We’ve stuck to the early and very organized bedtime routine and she usually goes down right at seven now. The issue is how to get her to stay sleep and sleep in her crib. 

I could analyze Gia’s sleep forever and I won’t bore you. But after going over and over all the suggestions and stories of other babies, it’s been comforting for me to see other bloggers here struggling with sleep and trying to sleep train in a gentle manner. I appreciate the honesty and the very real accounts of what other babies do at 3am! I need to turn here for support.