Hi ladies, I need some support and I guess here is an appropriate place. My boss had a baby last week so her boss is in charge. She’s giving me a hard time about pumping – she has made comments about how I shouldn’t be using a certain office and I need to find a different place to pump. Today I stood up to her and explained that I’m back at work because I genuinely want to be there – I care about our clinic and I’m a hard worker – but I can’t work for her if she doesn’t understand that I need to pump. Then she told me that it was a private issue and I should not have mentioned it in a meeting (“I said I would be happy to see a client but needed to pump first” in front of other staff.) I told her it was not a personal comment, that it’s normal to pump I’m just explaining what I’m doing and she said if it were her she would keep it private. Also, the other staffi mentioned it in front of us a man who also had a new baby and whose wife pumps at work!! All of my coworkers are super supportive and don’t even blink an eyelash when I say I have to go pump – this is a WOMEN’s clinic I work in! For the county of LA no less! And she is a thirty-something woman; shame on her  for not supporting other women. It’s ridiculous – a perfect example of a woman using her power against other women in the work world to get ahead. Pumping should be normalized – it’s bad enough I have to leave my baby every day and pump at work. I’m so frustrated – I stood up to her and it backfired. She is a young director, single with no kids but has pictures of her little nephews all over her office. Maybe she’s subconsciously jealous.