I’m way behind on blogging and always just thing I’ll throw the towel in, but it’s the community I’d miss! 

As Gia gets older and we adjust more, I feel more overwhelmed by the longevity of certain issues – breastfeeding and bedsharing mostly. She was very sniffly and teething throughout November and December and stopped sleeping in her crib. After sleeping around six hour stretches as a newborn, we were unprepared for long nights in which she’d wake up and cry for no reason for two hours. She started wanting to nurse all night and of course with me working she ended up just sleeping with us and now she’s been bedsharing pretty much full time, as we’ve been away on vacation for a couple of weeks. If she wasn’t going to sleep in her crib, she certainly wasn’t going to sleep in a pack n play, and she didn’t. As much as I believe wholeheartedly that breast feeding and even bedsharing are natural and appropriate at this age, I also admit to feeling trapped, exhausted and sometimes desperate. The frustrating thing is that we moved her crib into our room when she outgrew the co-sleeper, and we don’t mind keeping her in our room until she’s a year or more, but she still won’t sleep in it! We’re planning to gently help her learn to sleep in the crib soon, but right now we’re jet-lagged and sick. I could write about this topic for hours, but I have to sleep so I can nurse in the wee hours of the night and still make it to work tomorrow! 

On a positive note, we had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s in New England. Happy new year everyone!

Hipster lesbian outfit:   

With cousin Giuliana on Christmas morning: 


Bundled up in Massachusetts:


Picking out prosecco for NYE:


Wearing a Santa hat I knitted: