Last night was J’s office party at a swanky downtown hotel. I was so excited – got my hair cut and styled, got dressed up, did my makeup. Gia had a rough day, very fussy which isn’t like her, and also very giggly. When the nanny arrived, Gia smiled and cuddled with her. She must be having a cognitive growth spurt because she was staring at herself in the mirror, touching her hands to her reflection, then staring into my eyes, and when the nanny came, she stared at her face and ran her little hands along her cheeks. It was like she was on ecstasy.

I had an initial STRONG vodka drink which made me silly. By the time we got from the pre-party to the hotel, though, I started to miss Gia. We chatted with other parents and ate a nice dinner. I had some champagne. Realized I’d have to pump and got 3 oz with the hand pump in a bathroom stall, then dumped it into the toilet. I’ve never done this before – used the hand pump in a bathroom stall or dumped milk out. It actually worked well, but of course seems like a waste. I began to miss her so much. I didn’t want to drink anymore so I ordered seltzer and water and eventually admitted to J that I just wanted to go home.  

J stayed out with her coworkers, who are a truly awesome bunch, and I took an uber home. I want her to have fun,she works hard, she deserves it. I got home at 11:30. Gia had been sleeping like an angel in her crib pretty much since we left. She’s such a trooper! It was easier to be out knowing she was with our nanny since she’s used to her and loves her. 

On my birthday last week, I had a big glass of wine and told Gia she had to drink a bottle and she did! A very rare thing.  


Nap time


From the nanny – fast asleep right at bedtime!