I write posts in my head while driving or showering, then go back and forth about giving up the blog since I don’t have time to write. This community is important to me though, and was such a big part of creating Gia, so I will stick to short posts and try to do them a little more frequently. I read your posts and feel guilty about not commenting, too. I guess a little is better than nothing!
For a few weeks Gia was going through the 4-month sleep regression, or maybe it was teething or a growth spurt of adjusting to my return to work, who knows. We had some long nights of her crying, waking up constantly, and nursing all night, for hours at a time. 

Things have gotten better and the Gia household is doing well. I’m enjoying being back at work a lot – social work this time of year is necessary so my interactions with clients are rewarding. I love my team and feel invigorated. I’m also drowning in paperwork which is a familiar feeling – optimal stress tipping towards overwhelming stress. For awhile J and I were struggling to agree on certain things and our interactions were tense, but we’ve found our footing when it comes to co-parenting and our relationship, and we’re feeling connected again and having fun. We’ve been away the last couple of weekends, in Palm Springs with friends, then in San Diego for Thanksgiving. Now I’m excited for my birthday, which is tomorrow, and Christmas, which is my favorite time of year. 

Gia is amazing. She has her moments, but overall we are lucky to have an easygoing and adorable little girl. She weighs over 18 pounds and is 27 inches, and can roll over from back to tummy now. She also has a TOOTH! At four months! She continues to refuse a bottle from anyone but the nanny, no matter what we do. Thank goodness she’s learned to drink it while I’m at work though.  

In Palm Springs with my good friend and Gia’s birthday twin:   

Refusing a bottle as usual, making it difficult for me to enjoy a cocktail:
In the hot tub with swim diaper (warm, not hot!): 

 At the martini bar on Black Friday – our first time out without Gia!