I’m away from Gia for the first time unless you count running to the grocery store. J is having some alone time with her and I’m hitting the mall for some back-to-work non-maternity clothes! I felt empty on the way here, but I’m doing okay. Spending a lot of money! I drove all the way to Topanga mall so I’d really feel away from her. At The Grove I’d just be down the street. Plus they have an Eddie Bauer. 

Gia has refused the bottle for weeks. We finally got a Munchkin Latch, a bottle developed by one of the founders of The Pump Station – a life-changing place – and she’s had a few ounces from that bottle in the last couple of days. Today she will have no choice, poor little thing, but it’s necessary! Necessary for me to be away from her, not because I think we’re too attached, just for emotional practice before I go back to work in a couple of weeks. Necessary for J to finally get some alone time with her. Necessary for bottle feeding practice. 

I haven’t been posting because our computers suck and because I’m out with new moms from The Pump Station pretty much every day. We go to Monday Mommy Movie at The Grove, breast feeding support group, and Mommy & Me class, and out to lunch a lot. I’m not the mommy type, I swear! But these ladies aren’t what I expected – they’re laid-back, funny and down-to-earth. There’s even another lesbian who did reciprocal IVF, the first I’ve ever met in person. 

I’m keeping up with you all, sometimes silently, but sending you love!

We got dressed up for our three-year anniversary, but ended up getting room service. So much easier!   
Gia weighs 16 pounds and is 26 inches long. She’s the size of a toddler! A combination of our donor’s height and apparently some super-milk I have. 

 Outgrowing the co-sleeper

She started grabbing!

  Crib nap. So glad I waited for these sheet! 

Wish me luck. I’ve got my hand pump and a cooler in the car!