Gia has received two incredibly sweet and thoughtful gifs from blog friends. I really suck at gift giving and I’m always so impressed when people get it together and send gifts! Thanks to Amazon I’ve gotten better at it but in that sense I feel like I’m contributing to our over-busy, Earth-unfriendly society! Anyway, these gifts are so beautiful and we love them; Thank you My Perfect Breakdown and Lady Love and Baby Dust! I love you guys and Gia does too. 

  Wooden letter block puzzle from My Perfect Breakdown:

Adorable and much-needed onesies from Lady Love:

I’m going to start doing short random posts because actually writing just isn’t happening. I’m still following everyone but I rarely sit down at my computer anymore; I just read on my phone in the middle of the night while nursing.  

Gia is doing well. We just got back from a wonderful 10 days at my mother’s house in New Mexico. She’s still nursing a ton and was over 14 pounds and 25 inches long at her 2-month appointment!