Gia is thriving. She had gained FOUR POUNDS in her one month of life by last week. We’re getting out of the house much more now, in fact I feel busy in a balanced way. Last week I went to breast feeding support group at The Pump Station, met with a friend and her baby for coffee on Thursday, and went to my own check-up with my midwife on Friday. J took the rest of Friday off and met me for lunch. At a real restaurant! In public! Gia hung out in her carrier while we ate, sleeping peacefully. The three of us then went to The Pump Station for a workshop on Developmental Play.

  Bedtime Story:

  At the park with friends from prenatal yoga:

 In the ring sling:   At the play workshop:

 In the Ergo:  

We spent the weekend in San Diego, which was awesome. Man do I miss that place! Gia met one of her uncles and we stayed at J’s parents’ summer house. We had coffee with one friend, then dinner with another, then a nice long brunch with my friends Sunday morning before going to my friend’s wedding. Gia slept in the car, with one nursing break, and was pretty chill while we were visiting. We sat outside at a great cafe for breakfast and passed her around a little. I think she may have smiled!