I’ve been reading a few articles on the last weeks of pregnancy and how difficult they can be, and turning them into a positive experience. Yes, my nursery is finished, the house is clean, freezer meals are stocked, hospital bag is packed, car is gassed up, we’re pre-registered at the hospital, BUT this last week had been hard. I wake up every morning wondering what’s going to happen. I have cramps on and off and feel the baby descending more and wonder if tomorrow will be the day. Despite how difficult labor may be, I’m ridiculously excited about it.

Nesting and preparations set aside though, there are so many things to do this week and I’m starting to see them not as a waiting game or distraction, but a gift before my life changes forever. My mother came and left already, but while she was here for a few days we cooked, shopped and took long walks. It was fun and soooo helpful. She spent two hours learning how to ear our Ergo Baby 360 and ring sling properly so she could teach me in five minutes. She carried the shopping bags and whipped up cookies and made dinner. She made the homemade diaper-changing spray and ordered us more cloth wipes. She watched The Bachelorette with us, analyzing the contestants and getting into it despite never having seen it before. She used her midwifery skills to assure me the baby was alive and head-down when I was freaked out. When we realized it was definitely false labor and nothing was happening, she hopped back in her car and returned to Albuquerque, but I’m so grateful that she came to have fun and do things only a mama can do! Thanks, Mom.

I’ve also enjoyed my own time this week. I’ve taken long naps every day, and yesterday I took two, one at 10am and one at 2pm. I’ve taken a few long baths with clary sage oil and hypnobirthing meditations. Yesterday I watched Chef on Netflix, one of my all-time favorite movies, while bouncing on my ball and trying to induce labor 🙂 Just sleeping until 7 every morning instead of getting ready for work at 6am has been a great blessing. Today I’m going to tea with my friend from prenatal yoga who had twins, then getting a prenatal massage. I also made a baking mix for oatmeal chocolate chip walnut blondies, which I plan on whipping up as a labor project. It sits on the counter in it’s disposable baking dish, ready to be baked and taken to the hospital for the nursing staff.

We had a midwife appointment on Tuesday and I did find out that Glitter is in a posterior or “sunny side up” position, with her chin up instead of tucked and her back to my back. This CAN cause longer labor and back labor, and I’ve been doing exercises to turn her such as cat-cow, inversions and lying in a supported position on my stomach, but I’m also not obsessing about it. Most babies turn when they’re ready or during labor, and what’s the point of worrying anyway?

I do treasure this time to keep preparing and relaxing, but I won’t lie, I get excited when I feel cervical pain and mild contractions every night. The midwife did a cervical check. I said I wasn’t going to do these, but after the false labor I was honestly dying to know. I was 1 centimeter dilated, 50% effaced, and my cervix is soft and anterior, which means it’s totally ready for labor, all I have to do is keep dilating! I wasn’t excited or disappointed, just glad the sensations I’d been having and losing the the mucous plug had led to some progress. It could be days or weeks. We saw a different midwife due to scheduling, and she was amazing. She told me to relax, feel open, let go of any expectations for when I’ll go into labor, take baths, have a glass of wine every day, have sex, go out to dinner, and enjoy life for awhile, and that is what I’m doing!