Glitter has been moving a lot, and after two months of being in the the same position (I don’t know how that was even possible with how much she moves), her feet are now on the opposite side of my belly. I’ve always felt her feet punching out on my left side, and last night J could even SEE the indent of her little foot on that side, but she seems to have moved today. My mother said it’s very unlikely that she would turn breech at this point so I’m sure she’s still head down. I’ve been feeling the grinding sharp pain in my cervix, which is probably her head, and last night I began to have these sharp pains in my back. My mother thinks Glitter is dropping. I thought my belly might be a little lower, but it’s hard to tell.

It feels like things at happening. I can’t imagine still being pregnant in a month, but you never know.

I spent the majority of my day in meetings at the LA County Jail (Twin Towers Correctional Facility) with some higher-ups I don’t see often. My pregnancy and upcoming maternity leave were mentioned several times (in a very positive, supportive way) and it started to feel very real. I have one week left of work! I considered re-doing my FMLA paperwork and staying until July 9, but then I remembered that J has a great sense of these things and really good handle on our finances, and I should just trust her judgement and let go. Now I’m looking forward to finishing up the nursery, doing lots of preparatory things I haven’t gotten to do because I’m always at work, and nurturing my body!

I’ve been doing hypnobirthing in the bathtub for the past few days. We’ve been doing perineal massage, which is pretty unpleasant, but a good opportunity to practice relaxation and sensation.

I’ll leave you with this scary pic of my belly!