I’m not considered high risk anymore! Friday I had two appointments, one with our midwife and one with Maternal-Fetal Medicine, which is the high risk doctor. Our midwife always listens to the heartbeat, measures my belly and goes over lifestyle and birth questions. This time we discussed my birth plan and she was very supportive, even when I told her I want to listen to Eminem during active labor. She mentioned that she felt my bleeding and having been in the hospital may have been a “fluke” as they found no evidence of abruption on ultrasounds and I’ve had no bleeding since.

A couple of hours later we had a comprehensive ultrasound with MFM and that doctor also found everything to be normal and no evidence of abruption. Both providers don’t necessarily think I’m at risk for preterm labor anymore! Also, the baby’s head is down and she’s in a good position. Despite how much she moves around, I think she’s stayed in pretty much the same position for awhile now.

Glitter was measuring 6 pounds, 2 oz, which seems a little large for 35 weeks but is still normal. The What to Expect app says about. 5.5 pounds for this week. And speaking of What to Expect, as a side tangent – the end of the book reviews birth and breastfeeding, and refers to the “father” or “him” as the birth partner over and over. So much for their latest edition being inclusive.

We decided that July 2 will be my last day of work. Our doula (and lots of others I’ve consulted with both in person and read experiences of) feels that having at least a week to relax and mentally prepare for birth is important. I filed my FMLA paperwork with my insurance and now waiting to get it back to give to HR. Only 13 more working days! That helps, since getting up is a huge struggle every morning, getting dressed is uncomfortable, and I have to take naps at lunch every day, which lead me into afternoons of grogginess…

Yesterday I had a great yoga class taught, as usual, by the awesome doula we’ve hired. It’s getting more difficult to work out and I’m tired more easily, but it feels good at the same time. My friend from yoga and her wife had twins and I went to visit them. It’s amazing to have TWO babies! She gave me a ton of maternity clothes which are proving very useful for these last few weeks of work. J and I are thinking of starting a group of new parents and babies on Sunday mornings at a park near our house, a way of connecting and hopefully meeting some other lesbian mothers.

Here are some pics of my Sunday cooking. I promise to do some bump pics (I promise, Alicia!) soon, my belly is huge!

Cream of broccoli soup was supposed to be for freezer meals, but it’s so good I think we’re going to have to have some with tonight’s dinner!


Spinach, mushroom and gouda quiche for freezing:


Roasted potatoes and zucchini to go with our salmon tonight; salmon for baby’s brain development: