Hospital Tour

The hospital tour made me want to go into labor right then and there. It was anti-climactic to return to my office afterwards!  The room we were shown, which was right near the one I spent a few days in last month, had a gorgeous view of some nature and an art center. The most valuable thing we learned was that J drops me off at the “Stork Dropoff,” which is entirely different from the emergency room/general dropoff area. 

Pregnancy Symptoms

I spent Wednesday extremely nauseous. I was up in the middle of the night, when it started, therefore was exhausted when my alarm went off, which increases my morning sickness. I somehow made it to work because it was the last day of a group I’ve been running that I couldn’t miss. Around noon, once I’d sat through a few therapy sessions and the group, I could barely stand up so I left. Once I was home I threw up violently (I somehow always make it home as my office has a shared bathroom with stalls). The rest of the day was spent sleeping and crying.

I feel huge! It’s difficult to get out of bed or off the couch. Even getting into the car is difficult! Glitter moves a lot as usual, and she’s bigger now so I can feel her feet stretching into my ribcage and her little butt moving around. It’s adorable. I also have leg cramps when I get up too fast, and I pee an average of eight times a night, even when I stop drinking water after 6pm. I’m exercising lightly, walking or doing my prenatal barre workout most days. Other than that, I’m just excited and nervous!


Ah, work. It’s so busy and demanding. I love my clinic but I do wish I could work part-time. The clients talk about my pregnancy constantly, which doesn’t bother me too much but gets a little uncomfortable. As a therapist I’m really not used to the focus being on me when I’m at work, let alone a room full of 20 women asking me how I’m feeling and making comments about how big/small/far along I am all day! Pregnancy is one personal process that you really can’t hide…

A note about the group I mentioned: It’s a closed group, which means the members must be approved by their clinicians to attend, must agree to come to each weekly session, and must commit to respecting one another’s confidentiality completely. The group is for victims of childhood sexual abuse. I created the curriculum to be primaryily process-oriented, with a theme each week such as sharing aloud exactly who the abuser was and which family members were unable to protect the victim, validating anger and lack of forgiveness, and coping with family of origin as an adult. I took it on as a final project before my maternity leave and have really enjoyed running it, as sad as it is to witness the clients’ pain every week. It’s amazing to see their strength and their vulnerability and to see how committed clients can actually be, since usually they no-show half the time or blow off groups.

J and I have been discussing maternity leave – when to start, how long to take. This involves a lot of considerations like disability income, physical ability as my due date gets closer, and childcare options. I’ve begun calling daycares but so far I’m unimpressed. I’d like to leave my job a week before my due date, but I also want to save as much money as possible and save my time off for the baby. However, my doula insisted today that taking ample time off before going into labor is important. She urged me to consider at least two weeks, sharing that in her experience, women who relax and spend time with themselves before going into labor are better able to handle labor and their babies tend to be less stressed during the birth. My boss also advised me to take time off, sharing that she wished she had taken a week to lie on the couch and get ready for the baby, rather than working up until her due date. Any personal experiences or suggestions on this would be much appreciated!


I haven’t had much time to do this, but our nursery is in pretty good shape and I did start some freezer meals today. I looked up some recipe suggestions on the Internet and ended up with black bean and corn enchiladas, whole wheat penne with chicken, mushrooms and tomatoes, lasagna primavera and spinach and Gouda quiche. So far I’ve made the enchiladas and the penne. I bought disposable aluminum pans that came with covers, and wrapped the final products in 2.5 gallon freezer bags, so they’re nestled into the freezer now, ready for some night in July or August!

We’re missing some supplies but there’s still time. I ordered a maternity and nursing night gown, nursing tank top, and some things from the registry I ended like reusable diaper pail liners, organic wipes for traveling (at home we’ll be using cloth wipes). Once the clothes are washed I’ll be ready to start my hospital bag just in case.