How did I go from writing every few days to writing twice a month?! I guess between the family visits, the high-risk appointments and work I’ve just been feeling worn out. I hope to write a lot more for the rest of the pregnancy.

I’m still not sleeping well and my hips have started throbbing again. I’ve had a very emotional few days, too. Monday was Memorial Day, but as it was dreary in LA and we’d had very little time at home, we decided to spend the day nesting. I went into the nursery to try to sort out baby clothes and try to organize the books and toys. I got so overwhelmed not knowing what to do with what that I just lay on the floor and sobbed for no reason. J was really supportive. She knew I’d been having some new hormonal symptoms – colostrum leaking from my nipples being the biggest one – so while I took a sad nap on the couch, she hung bookshelves, put away the books, cleaned out the dresser and put the baby clothes away, and vacuumed the nursery. She’s an amazing partner and continues to read The Birth Partner, give me natural birth pep talks and talk to the baby through my stomach every day.

Anyway, I have some major blog catching up to do. May 9th was our baby shower. I had just gotten out of the hospital and couldn’t do much housework. My mother and sisters came for the weekend and were very helpful. They picked up and arranged the catering, decorated the house, served mimosas exactly how I wanted them served (with a raspberry in each one) and kept the shower low-stress. I didn’t have any games; instead, my friends who are, respectively, an art therapist and a life coach, put together an art project in which each guest decorated a paper butterfly in the colors of our nursery and wrote a message to Glitter on the back. The butterflies will be strung together into a mobile for the nursery. It was beautiful and thoughtful. My little sister introduced a little blessingway ceremony, inviting people to read a poem or words of parenting advice aloud. Only a few people did but it was sweet. Then came the gifts! I’ve never been showered before and have never had so many gifts on one occasion! A lot of our friends came up from San Diego and it was amazing to see them and share our baby excitement with them. A friend from LA also brought her amazing camera and photography skills: