Glitter is about as active as can be, jumping and rolling around every day, especially at night. I know 28 weeks is the peak of movement, so I did a kick card – 10 kicks in 19 minutes, although this is a pretty arbitrary exercise. I’ve started to feel some bigger kicks, but a lot of quivers and rolls still. The other night I watched my stomach move around for twenty minutes straight. She must have been dancing or kickboxing!

We painted an old dresser to match the crib and saved hundreds of dollars. We also bought a rug for the nursery and my father, who is visiting, brought us the co-sleeper my sister’s baby slept in. Hand-me-downs are the best! My boss brought me a bottle sanitizer, bouncer and more baby clothes. Things are starting to come together.


I’m reading Bringing Up Bebe, a book about an American woman bringing her child up in Paris. My sister highly recommended it. Some of it conflicts with my beloved attachment parenting, but it makes so much sense. I’ll try to keep up with posting and describe it.