I’m loving my pregnant belly, the many moments throughout the day that I feel Glitter kick, every morning and night that J presses her lips to it and says good morning or good night to her, and gathering baby stuff in the nursery and starting to nest. 28 weeks is the peak of belly movement, and most nights J and I can watch a few tiny quivers and rolls as we lay in bed.

I’m NOT loving my continued digestive issues, like acid reflux, upset tummy, throwing up and distended stomach. I miss feeling rested. I know, I know, get used to it! But as my body goes through pregnancy, and work continues to feel excessively stressful, a little more quality sleep would go a long way. My hips are starting to ache in the middle of the night again and I’ve been peeing about ten times a night, ensuring that I rarely reach REM sleep.

I’ve been feeling content and excited on the weekends when I revel in yoga, lunch with other pregnant ladies, buying baby furniture with J, and J and I feeling super in love. Weekdays are a different story though. I haul myself out of bed at 6am, pull on the least constrictive professional clothing I can handle, and get on the freeway, headed for one busy day after another. I’ve had some special moments with clients lately, and I’m running a closed (8-weeks only with the same few committed clients attending each week) support group for victims of sexual abuse and trauma that is so intense and inspiring. However, most days I feel exhausted and stressed from client needs and paperwork. Thank goodness I love my coworkers!

I have a lot of family time coming up which should be fun and rejuvenating. My older sister had a nearby business trip this week and I was able to spend an afternoon with her, then take her to dinner in West Hollywood at Lucques, a fantastic restaurant. She brought us a ton or baby clothes, maternity clothes, and cloth diapers! My father is coming to visit us from Connecticut next weekend and wants to go hiking, to Malibu and out to amazing restaurants. The following weekend is my baby shower and Mother’s Day. My mother will arrive in time to attend an appointment with my midwife, as well as a radiology ultrasound to see if my placenta has risen. I haven’t seen Glitter in almost two months and I believe she’s wiggled around enough to have lifted that placenta! My sisters will arrive for dinner Friday night and we’ll have the shower Saturday and then the rest of the weekend to hang out.

Here are some random pictures to illustrate all that’s going on!

My older sister and J at dinner Monday night – a rare treat to have amazing food and sisterly conversation!


J as a baby, after traveling from Seoul to Minnesota with a social worker on one of the last Pan Am flights ever:


A onesie given to us at an LGBT wedding event (the fertility clinics were everywhere, they know how to tap into the gay community!):


Our Babyletto Lolly crib which is in the nursery but not put together yet due to a broken part. Our nursery colors are gray, natural wood and deep pink:


Practicing the ring sling my older sister gave me with a semi-unhappy Santosha:


My niece’s toy kitchen – what happened to brightly colored plastic?!