My office has gone up in flames. Without getting into the whole story, since I’ve spent the past few days processing it with coworkers over and over, there have been a few political and structural changes at the clinic where I work. It’s a wonderful mental health clinic with an amazing group of talented and caring mental health therapists, but it’s in a very rough area in South LA (formerly known as South Central) and the clients are tough. They love drama, they love acting out the chaos and verbal violence of their childhoods. Boundaries are tough for them despite the growth and positive changes they bring.

In the past few days, one of our clients, high on PCP, threatened to shank another client. Social security cards were stolen. Staff was snapped at and clients who don’t know how to handle their emotions tried to organize a walk-out. My coworkers and I are utterly exhausted. We have put forth every effort to show the clients compassion, organization, strength and positivity, to no avail. The drama is intense. I haven’t had a moment to eat lunch quietly or take a break. I’m drowning in paperwork because I’ve spent all of my time supporting clients who are upset about the changes and processing the stress with my team.

On top of this we are packing. Last week we weren’t sure where we would end up because there were water problems with the rental we wanted and the leasing agent wasn’t sure we would have our own washer and dryer. It was so stressful to pack all weekend, in 90 degree weather, not knowing where we were going. It’s resolved now and the apartment, complete with washer/dryer, will be gorgeous and comfortable, but it’s been a full week of intense stress.

Glitter has been swimming in a pool of cortisol. I’m generally very high-strung and stress is normal, but this has been a whole new level. I have acid reflux, shortness of breath, and my heart is occasionally skipping a beat. I’m concerned about how all of this affects her.

So this is why I often miss pregnancy updates and bump pics šŸ˜¦ I want to get better at posting them! I’ve been exercising and doing relaxation exercises, eating pretty well and in bed over eight hours a night, but it’s no match for the stress. I can’t wait until April when things at work have calmed down and we’re settled into our new place.

This weekend I’ll post some pics and updates! Have a nice weekend!