Does anyone know what fabulous movie that’s from? It’s a scene in which things feel like they’re falling apart… How I feel right now. 

My boss gave me these Toms shoes someone gave her when she had a girl. Of course her baby only wore them once for two seconds. I don’t like pink but these sure are cute… Plus, they say “Glitter” on the box!

I’m feeling depressed. The house we were buying needed a lot of repairs and we did a request for the owner to credit them. Tonight we found out that the owner refused all repairs so we’re backing out of escrow. As of right now we have nowhere to live. I have no room to start a nursery and no yard to have a baby shower in. Glitter has no nest. 

We put so much time, effort and money into finding a house. We’d stay where we are – our apartment is cute, has two bedrooms and is in a good location – but the walls and ceiling are too thin for a baby and it has no bathtub, which Id like to have for third trimester and labor. 

I know we’ll find a place and in some ways this is for the best. Real estate in LA may not even be worth it, especially as we don’t want to settle down here. We’re moving on to rentals… But for tonight, I feel depressed.