Trying to catch up on some posting – stay tunes for my 20-week update and bump pics tomorrow!

I’ve always been really close to Memo (Mee-mo), my maternal grandmother. We spent tons of time at her house growing up. We would walk around the pond or play dress-up in her walk-in closet where there were real mink scarves and costume jewelry. She made the best pasta with cream of celery soup, meatloaf, and German chocolate cake. She used to have my sisters and I laughing so hard on Saturday mornings we’d almost pee in our pants (we probably did a few times!). Every Halloween she would turn on scary music and dress up as a witch. When we arrived at her door we’d have to follow paper footprints through the darkhall to the living room where she would jump out at us. Memo loves board games, and we spent many hours playing Chinese checkers, Monopoly and pick up sticks. She also taught me how to sew and gave me all of the knitting needles handed down from my great grandparents.

The weekend before my other grandmother passed away, my mom, sisters, brothers-in-law and niece and nephew spent a long weekend in Florida to celebrates Memo’s birthday. We rented a big house with a heated pool down the street from Memo’s condo. Waking up to Giuliana and Gabriel cuddling and playing in the living room was amazing. We went running, cooked meals, swam and played Monopoly. Memo brought over her scotch and made Manhattans, her favorite cocktail (none for me). She is still healthy, vibrant and funny. 

Memo and me:

Gabriel being adorable in a bib I gave him:

Reunited at last!

Memo’s birthday present – pics of her with Giuliana and Gabriel, and a space waiting for her to meet Glitter! My sister is so thoughtful. 

My mom, sisters, Giuliana and me at Siesta Keys beach – white sand!

At 15 months, this little girl has come out of her shell and is so full of joy!

Happy birthday to an incredible grandmother! Thanks for bringing us all together.