I think I explained that we call the baby Glitter because I joked to my sisters that since both of their babies’ names start with G, we would name the baby either Glitter for a girl or Gollum for a boy. It stuck! Little spark is called Glitter for now.

We waited several weeks for an ultrasound and it’s been nerve-wracking. After yesterday’s appointment t I know she’s okay, so here’s a big update:

The Baby

We woke her up with the ultrasound. At first she was curled into a fetal position (appropriate, right?) but she began to wriggle and the doctor could confirm that she’s definitely a girl! Our anatomy scan is February 20th and I can’t wait to see her for 40 minutes straight and hopefully know that she’s developing well.

I believe I’m feeling her move a tiny bit. It feels like little flutters or a fish swimming in my belly, but it’s not I joys enough to be sure.



Wow where do I start? My body has been taken over by aliens. Well, one adorable little alien! Morning sickness was awful until a few days ago, but in the last few days I’ve been waking up feeling normal. It’s weird not to gag while I’m getting ready for work. I’m still nauseous before lunch and anytime I haven’t eaten in a couple of hours. My belly is the biggest change – it feels so big! It touches my keyboard at my office desk and it’s hard for me to put pants on. I know I officially look pregnant now so I don’t try to hide it at work. I can only wear regular pants with a belly band. I started to get acid reflux, but after one dose of Prilosec it went away. Constipation is a new experience for me – I’m usually really regular due to loving vegetables – so I drink Miralax every couple of days. Sometimes my stomach is so hard I can’t tell if it’s my bowels or my uterus!

I’m trying to keep stretch marks at bay through early intervention. I use Mother’s Formula body oil, a mixture of Cocoa Butter and Vitamins A and E, from Whole Foods twice a day. I also use Bamboobies BellyEase belly cream before I go to sleep. I have to admit though, the first time I saw tiny stretch marks – one on each breast – I was more excited than upset!

Speaking of breasts – they’re big. I’m busting out of all of my bras but waiting to buy new ones in case they keep growing. Now my bras all act like push-ups.


Weight Gain

I’m not super comfortable with my weight due to having gained fifteen pounds in the past few years. I was able to lose some of it this fall and now trying to embrace the pregnancy weight. I’ve always told my friends to love their pregnant bodies and that they’re pregnant, not fat, but seeing numbers I’ve never seen on the scale is alarming. I’m wearing dresses and mostly maternity clothes already, along with some pants with a rubber band or my belly band. I’m up almost 10 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. When I told J this in a forlorn voice this morning, she got super excited and smiled ear to ear! Funny.


I love working out. So far I’m maintaining my six-day-a-week workouts, but they’re very moderate. I do a 40-minute walk/jog a few times a week, a prenatal barre workout, 30-minute aerobic weight videos, and ride my bike to prenatal yoga on Saturdays. It feels weird to run with a belly but I’m finding a lot of energy on my jogs!

I started this post a week ago and already have lots of updates but no time. I’m currently in Florida on a long weekend trip to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday. I’m with my mom, sisters, brothers-in-law and – THE BABIES! Giuliana and Gabriel are amazing and once again I’ll need a whole post just dedicated to them! I’m enjoying being with my family and enjoying being pregnant. I can’t wait to feel Glitter move!