Oh, and more puking. Sorry.

I’ve been so crazy busy and neglecting the blog. Lately I don’t want to work, just next and get ready for the baby, but alas, work is taking over right now so I’m writing a poorly-written, not-well-thought-out post!

Last weekend we did get away to Sequoia National Park to hike and think about having our wedding there. It was gorgeous and seeing the snow, trees and mountains was refreshing.

My morning sickness got worse on this trip. I threw up on the way up the curvy road to the top of the mountain (“Quick, pull over quick!”) We stayed at Wuksachi Lodge, where you can have a nice restaurant meal and a hot bath and warm bed after a day of hiking, which I love! I used to backcountry hike and camp for two or three days at a time in my early twenties, but now I really appreciate these cushy accommodations!

I was extremely nauseous as we sat down to dinner. I had salad and soup but couldn’t enjoy anything. I actually had to eat a snack in the bathroom of the hotel room in the middle of the night because I was so sick. In the morning J and I had a breakfast we had packed – bagels, cream cheese, trail mix, and oranges – but nothing helped. I actually didn’t feel sick while we were hiking. I’ve found that exercising really helps with morning sickness, as long as I take it easy and have a snack right afterwards.

We did an out-and-back hike for about three hours to an incredible rock with 365 degree views of the Sierra Nevada’s called Little Baldy. Then we drove to the Giant Forest to check out some gigantic Sequoias and climbed up Moro Rock. This whole park is amazing, and being in the midst of the biggest trees gives me a crazy feeling. It puts things in perspective, helps me realize what’s important in life, makes me feel connected to the universe, and all that cliche stuff!

I threw up twice that afternoon and evening and was still sick at dinner. We finally googled morning sickness and altitude (Sequoia is at 7,000 feet) and it turns out pregnant women who don’t live in high altitudes shouldn’t go to them! Oops. Take heed, all of you!

I’m feeling extremely overwhelmed about wedding planning. My plan was to sign the major contracts after the sequoia weekend and send out save-the-dates in a few months, but I’m only more confused. It feels like too much to ask our friends to travel almost five hours up a remote mountain for our wedding, and to ask our families to fly to Cali, rent cars and drive over two hours up the mountain. We love the forest and the lodge, it’s pretty affordable and our style, but I’m feeling unsettled about it. We did scope out the outside area where we would have the ceremony as well as the reception space, and met with our awesome potential photographers the next day, but I just can’t decide if it’s the right place.

To further complicate things, we’ve started looking at houses. We actually put an offer on a gorgeous, big refinished house I loved, then realized the seller was a flipper who had strange requests and pulled the offer, and today put another offer on a fixer-upper. Not knowing where we’re going to live with our baby is stressing me out! Getting married, pregnant and buying a house all at the same time is a lot, but I’m excited and motivated.

Here are some Sequoia pics. Pregnancy update to come…