I’m going to make lots of long stories short because the most important part of my day is now bedtime, and with the 11 hours a day I’m not home, I have to fight for my sleep!

Last Friday was my day off (I work a 9/80 schedule) so I spent most of my day at the doctor’s office. At Kaiser you have to sign up for prenatal care and have a consultation which takes about an hour, plus I had another ultrasound. The nurse made all of my routine prenatal appointments through March. I have two insurances, and although for now I’m using Kaiser, I’m also going to see another private doctor in January and see which I want to stick with.

The ultrasound went well. I asked the doctor for a very accurate measurement, since I’d been sobbing at my last ultrasound and the doctor had done an incorrect measurement. This time, baby was exactly on target at 9w1d!


On my way home from the doctor I got rear-ended on a quiet side street where I was slowly approaching a green light. The guy must have been on his phone because it was not a hectic intersection. He was very apologetic so I didn’t even tell him I was pregnant because it would have made him feel worse. My mom and J then insisted I go back to urgent care just in case, so I spent another hour at the doctor!

I did a bunch of bloodwork Saturday morning, most importantly my thyroid. Since I’ve been pregnant my dose has increased to 100mcg 4x/week, 50 on the other days, and my level is only 1.15 now, down from about 5. I was supposed to do a sugar level test by drinking this nasty orange stuff but the lab didn’t have it so I escaped it for another week!

I haven’t had another ultrasound since then. We’ve become used to having 1-2 a week which is too many, so I’m trying to make it until next Tuesday when the next one is scheduled. My mom will be here and it’ll be nice to have here there. I think constantly about having a miscarriage though, analyzing every bit of spotting or change in my nausea. I talk to the baby every day on our way to work. Please stay, you’re going to love living here, I love you already, how are you?

This may be the last week I can wear my old pants to work. The biggest ones are already too tight. I’ve only gained two pounds which is amazing with how much I have to eat to fend off the nausea, but it’s all in my belly. I wear a lot of dresses anyway, and it looks like it’s time to buy some maternity ones!

I’m getting excited about Christmas, which is absolutely my favorite holiday, but I’m so nervous about the baby that I can’t relax. We also have our genetic consultation and bloodwork next Friday. Because I’m over 35, we’re having a non-invasive test which is done around 10 weeks. Most women with a hematoma go on limited movement or bed rest, but our doctors say there is no reason for that and I wouldn’t be able to do it anyway because of work, so I’m taking brisk short walks and stretching. I miss kickboxing videos and yoga class!

By New Years I hope J and I are breathing a lovely sigh of relief!