I borrowed “spark” from a very loyal and caring WP friend; hope you don’t mind! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of delicious food and visiting friends and family in San Diego. Late Saturday night, back at home and watching a movie, I felt a gush of blood. Sure enough, I was bleeding bright red. We paged the doctor on call at our fertility clinic, who happened to be our very own doctor. She said that it’s totally normal to bleed with a hematoma, and that we could go in any morning we want for an ultrasound, but she doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about. Each time we get an US we pay out of pocket, so we decided to stick it out and see how things go.

Birthday Wishes

I wish I could have an ultrasound every day, to see my baby’s heart beating and little body growing from the size of a blueberry, to the size of a raspberry, and then more and more. I wish to hear a strong, beautiful heartbeat on Wednesday, our next ultrasound, and also my birthday; that’s all I want when I turn 36. I wish to have a baby bump in time for J’s birthday in February. I wish for my hematoma to go away and to workout throughout a healthy second trimester. I wish for the morning sickness to serve an ultimate purpose. I wish to have a baby as adorable, smart and healthy as my nephew Gabriel and niece Giuliana. I wish to become a mother.

I wish to start knitting a baby blanket in a month, to match those I knitted for G and G.

I wish to hold my baby in a year, underneath the Christmas tree.

It absolutely fills my heart up to see Giuliana, now over a year old, cuddled with her auntie blanky, the one she came home from the hospital in. I know she and Gabriel want to meet their cousin!