Last night after I posted, I continued bleeding for hours. The cramps were painful, like a period. I tried to stay calm, but a few times I admitted to myself that I was probably miscarrying. Before we went to sleep, J read some Internet forums in which other women had similar bleeding from vaginal US, which made me feel better. Even J was alarmed, and that takes a lot. No one mentioned the reason I actually am bleeding, though, so I hope if anyone has this, now they’ll know.

This morning I emailed our doctor, who wrote back and said she thought I had a sub chorionic hematoma and that a MC was unlikely because I’d had a good US. I remembered that I know someone who had this, who had to stop exercising but still had a healthy baby. I saw a few clients and then went into the clinic for an ultrasound. I was greeted by our IVF coordinator and my favorite nurse, and they were so sweet and hopeful.

The doctor told me right away that everything was okay. On the screen I saw the adorable little nugget beating away. We also saw the hematoma, a dark line of blood above my uterus. The Doppler picked up the heartbeat today, which was 101 bpm! In my last pregnancy, the heartbeat was 113 bpm at 6w,2d. Today I’m 6w,1d. The nurse said maybe I have a boy.


I came home to “take it easy.” I hate taking it easy! I was hoping that after the 1st US I could start my workouts again, especially with Thanksgiving coming up. I’ll just have to go easy on the food this weekend (don’t worry, I’m still eating three healthy meals a day). I want to be in shape throughout my pregnancy!

I’m so relieved that the nugget is still in there, healthy and growing. I’ve always wanted a girl, but as soon as I got home and started processing things, I fell in love with the baby a little more, boy or girl, and got excited about the idea of J and I raising a son. I have a good feeling!