I tried to wait until after the US to post, but I’ve got butterflies in my stomach and just want to put some positive energy into my TTC world.

Our US is at 11:30. It’s 10:22. My 10am client didn’t show up to distract me, and I’m sitting at my desk feeling nervous and excited. I’ve continued to have spotting on and off. I’m still sore, but my most prominent symptom is breathlessness. Has anyone else had this? It happened in my first pregnancy too. Just getting up from my chair leaves me feeling winded, and I’m in good shape! Yesterday I had a fee waves of nausea throughout the day, especially when I was hungry. These symptoms are reassuring me. I’ve been taking 1/2 a Unisom every night with a vitamin B6, a remedy suggested by my doctor last time, in hopes that it would reduce my morning sickness; last time I was pregnant I was miserable. J and I aren’t sure we want me to take that chemical every night though, so this weekend I’ll try to go off of it.

I hope and pray that we have a heartbeat. Our doctor feels that if we have one, our risk of miscarriage is extremely low. She said this exact same thing before my miscarriage in July, but she still feels that the likelihood of it happening twice is low.

I picture the embryo who’s inside me becoming an actual child and it feels so right. I imagine him/her continuing to grow, what it’ll feel like to carry her for awhile, and what it’ll feel like to have a new person in our lives. I imagine celebrating her as a part of our wedding when I’m six months along. I pray that this dream is becoming a reality!