I took a walk tonight after work. In the shower afterwards I noticed that my boobs just weren’t as sore as they were yesterday. I went about making dinner but it kept popping back into my head. By the time I talked to J, who is out of town on business, I was sobbing. I also noticed that I’m not quite as breathless as I was before. I’m so scared that I’m not pregnant anymore. I’m flipping out. The feelings of emptiness and despair that came with my miscarriage are coming back to me.

I googled “Breasts no longer sore at 5 weeks.” There are a lot of women who have woken up to realize their breasts aren’t sore anymore. Some of them ended up being fine. Many of them never followed-up on the forum though, so I can’t tell what happened.

I’m so scared. It feels like an eternity until I get beta results tomorrow afternoon. It’s comforting to have my WP community out there. Thank you.