Quick update because I’m exhausted! Hcg level was 245 today, with a doubling time of 42.5 hours. Although my numbers are actually higher this pregnancy, during the first pregnancy our doubling time was only 28 hours, which means it actually doubled faster last time. When I realized that, I started to freak out again, so I just keep reminding myself that the numbers are higher. The first time my Hcg was 63 at 7dp5dt, and this time it was 112 which is almost twice as high!


So many factors can affect Hcg – how quickly the embryo implanted, whether it’s still implanting, how the body is responding. I was kind of hoping for crazy Hcg levels in hopes of twins, but it seems like a singleton. Who knows! I know, I know, we didn’t want twins, I especially don’t want to carry them, but at the same time, how amazing would it be!

In other news, J gave me her great aunt’s wedding set for me to wear while my engagement ring is being made. Her parents drive the ring all the way from Minnesota this week! Of course, they were on their way here anyway but still… J had to stay in San Diego overnight after a business meeting to meet her parents, get the ring and drive it back up to LA. She was extremely close to her great aunt growing up and when her aunt passed away she left J the ring set. The stone is actually a cubic zirconia because her uncle had he real diamond remove for safekeeping when her aunt went into a nursing home. Unfortunately, her family doesn’t know where the diamond is. We’re going to see if a jewelry shop can un-fuse the band from the engagement ring, and I can wear it while I’m pregnant as it’s slightly too big for me! Perfect!