At the fertility clinic waiting for my blood draw. Last night I decided to buy another 3-pack of HPTs to see if my line got darker. This is a good example of how to drive myself crazy. Why not enjoy the nice BFP I already got and wait for the betas? The betas are nail-biting enough; three of them, today, Thursday and next Thursday. Why bother taking more??

Last night I didn’t drink water after 4:30 and tested at 9pm. Nice dark line as the night before. I didn’t sleep well and drank water and went to the bathroom twice in the middle of the night, then tested this morning and the line is slightly lighter. The horizontal line is also slightly lighter though, which could mean urine was overall more diluted. Too much of a good thing just like my tests.

Now I’m freaking out. Why did I do this to myself?!

I’m still hoping for the best. I still feel good about our embies. As Debbie in Knocked Up says, “positive, positive, positive”! I need to be positive. I want a positive beta!

Okay, rant over.