Tomorrow morning is our second attempt at getting pregnant. Throughout my workday I kept getting excited, then nervous. If we don’t get pregnant or we have a miscarriage, we won’t be having a reciprocal IVF baby because we won’t have any embryos left. It feels like a lot of pressure, but I feel hopeful too. Sharing our lives with a child would be amazing, and I hope he or she chooses us.

For those of you who have done IUIs and fresh transfers and FETs, what are some beliefs or activities you do surrounding these procedures? Do you eat a special diet, have an acupuncture session, or wear something special? For my first transfer I wore a new maxi dress that I was looking forward to using in maternity. After the transfer, J and I watched Knocked Up, my favorite baby-type movie. This time around we did a special shopping trip for foods that’s are supposed to support implantation – a whole pineapple, of course (but not too much), lots of protein like organic chicken, beans, leafy greens, and walnuts. I read an article about a study that showed that women who ate a high-protein, lower carb diet had better chances of responding well to ART.

It feels like Christmas is coming, and I hope I don’t get coal! Even our kitties seem in tune with the nervous excitement, being super cuddly and clingy. We made veggie burgers with whole wheat buns, melted cheese, sautéed kale, veganaise, sriracha, and avocado for dinner, with homemade root beer floats. Most importantly, J brought home a “morning sickness kit” from Whole Foods. It consists of organic saltines, whole wheat oatmeal cookies, squeezable applesauce I can take anywhere, apple juice and salted corn nuts. If we don’t get pregnant, it’ll be a great hangover kit!

Please share your little procedure rituals of you have them!