I’m on CD 11. This morning I went to the clinic by myself for the first time, I can’t believe J’s so sweet she’s never left me alone there! Today she had to go out of state for work but it was a piece of cake because I’m used to everything now. I had bloodwork and my progesterone is .2, which apparently is good. The US showed my lining to be between 7.6 and 8.1, a tiny bit thinner than CD 11 last cycle, but not by much. Our IVF coordinator went over everything with me; I’ll reduce the estrace to twice a day on Thursday and begin progesterone. Monday night, the night before the transfer, I take doxycycline, then another doxy dose the morning of the transfer.

J is considering transferring two embryos. We had decided to transfer only one because we really don’t want multiples, but after looking at the cost of each embryo transfer (around $5,000) and the stats, I think she’s leaning towards two. In transferring two, our clinic’s stats are 50% chance of pregnancy with 10-20% chance of twins. In transferring only one, there’s only a 20% chance of pregnancy. We only have two embryos left, so if we transfer two, we’re, um, putting all our eggs into one basket so to speak.

Work is very stressful and I’ve been subpoenaed to appear in court to testify in a criminal case my former client is involved in. This means that I’ll have to drop everything and appear in court in Santa Ana (a long drive) for a day either this week or next week. I feel like this kind of stress isn’t good for the week before or week of the transfer 😦

I other news, we’ve been having fun looking at engagement rings! J loves artistic, structural jewelry, true to her architectural craft. She’s found a wonderful designer in Michigan who makes modern, recycled rings with conflict-free diamonds. I love their stuff, but I can’t imagine there isn’t a designer here in LA who does the same. I can’t find one that we like as much as the Michigan one.

Here’s the designer:

Kara Daniel Jewelry

The rings we’re considering:






We would design our own custom ring from a combination of these. My mom thinks they’re too modern for me, but I love wearing something That reminds me of J and her work and passion, and I actually like the tension-set diamonds. Any thoughts? I Need help!

Thanks for being supportive of my adding in some engagement stuff!