I took my first BCP last night and feel disgusting this morning! I can’t remember if it made me this sick last time, but I think so. At first I thought it was the Chardonnay I had at dinner last night, but there’s no way that would give me this horrible feeling. My partner thinks it’s ironic that I have to go on birth control in order to get pregnant.

I want to have a great day. It’s Payday Friday (I get paid the 15th & 30th) and I just got the biggest paycheck of my life today (don’t be jealous, it all goes to grad school loans!). But I feel like I want to lie down or puke. I leave work early today, at 4, and I can’t wait to get home and do a long workout video. That always helps me feel better when I’m nauseous.

Just needed to share since I can’t tell anyone at work I feel green! Does anyone doing IVF or who’s taken birth control remember feeling this sick?