J is away visiting her family this weekend, actually since Wednesday, so I’ve had a lot of alone time. I love alone time, but I miss her. It’s nice to work on projects and spend time with friends, to curl up by myself and write. This is the longest we’ve been away from each other in awhile though, and certainly since our loss, and I’m excited for her to return to me tomorrow! In her absence I’ve indulged in some excessive grocery-buying activity at Whole Foods, which I will share with you because it’s a blog and I can write about any random thing I want.

Did you read Eat Pray Love? Yes, I jumped all over the bandwagon of that wonderful, life-saving book. My favorite section was India, and I love how Richard From Texas calls Elizabeth “Groceries” because she can put so much food away. More on that book later.

Last night my close friend and I were sitting on the bluffs overlooking Santa Monica beach, eating delicious salads from Tender Greens and drinking a hidden bottle of red wine out if her bag. We’ve both had a lot of loss in recent years – both of us broken engagements, family loss, and my miscarriage. We were talking about filling our hearts in healthy ways vs with substances, which includes overrating and eating unhealthy food.

I’ve been focusing my meals on gluten-free whole grains, veggies and protein for the past few weeks. J and I ate a lot of unhealthy food during IVF because the schedule was so stressful, and once I was pregnant I was so nauseous I had to eat comfort food constantly. Needless to say, I’m trying to get rid of a few pounds, pounds that represent my pregnancy and the baggage of what I’ve lost.

I was vegetarian for many years, vegan for five, and we eat mostly gluten-free at home because we like it and tend to eat healthier, and fewer carbs, this way. I feel best when I’ve had a kale salad with a simple homemade dressing for lunch, and when I’ve had a chicken breasts and some veggies for dinner. Unfortunately, I’m also a sucker for real Italian pasta with Parmesan, a huge glass of red wine and cake, cake cake! So today I’ve spent two hours and $221 on some exciting groceries, including a bunch of important Italian wine. I’m going to bike to yoga, then spend the evening making paleo granola, carb-free organic egg “muffins” and as usual, prep my tofu, salad and hummus. I also plan to have some wine and gluten-free spinach pasta for dinner though!