tI’ve stopped posting because I feel like unless I have time for an insightful, witty post I just shouldn’t write anything! But that’s not realistic these days with my new job taking over! So a quick update: I love my new job. The work itself is great, being back in an office that’s community-oriented is great, and there are lots of perks. I carry the little nugget to South Central every morning so she’ll come out street-smart! Being back in a job where I’m interacting with mental health clients all day is very refreshing. My last job was at a school where I coordinated the intake program. I didn’t get to see clients in person very often and the clinical issues weren’t as interesting. The new clinic is for women only, and focused on women coming out of jail or with DCFS issues, so I get to do clinical assessments and ongoing therapy with women who have very real, severe things going on. I’m so excited! Since I’ve done this work for years prior to moving to LA, I jumped right in feeling pretty familiar with the work, just needing to train on paperwork and procedure. After feeling stunted at the previous job for almost a year, it’s incredibly nice to be back in the trenches.

That being said, I’ve been miserably nauseas. I wake up, dry heave for a few minutes, eat all day long because it’s the only thing that helps my morning sickness, gag in the bathroom at work throughout the day, then feel queasy before, during and after dinner. I’ve also had insomnia for three weeks in which I wake up at 4:30 and don’t go back to sleep. I don’t mean to complain, I’m so happy that things are moving along and nausea is a good sign!

I found a “cure” for morning sickness though! It’s a combo of vitamin B6 and Unisom. I was wary about taking a sleeping pill but it actually works! You have to take the unisom that’s doxylamine succinate. Take 1/2 a tab of that and 100mg of B6. I wish someone had told me about this a few weeks ago! I only took it last night and not only did I sleep through the night, but I was much less nauseas throughout the day. I’m impressed!