11 pm last night:

It’s late. Why am I up at 11 on a weeknight? Certainly not because I’m not tired! I have insomnia. And I’m eagerly awaiting my mom’s late-night arrival.

I’m taking a week off before I start my new job. My original plan for this fabulous week was to visit my sister’s family, and cover my baby niece Giuliana with kisses, but the tickets home to Connecticut were crazy expensive. Plan B was to fly to my other home-away-from-home, Albuquerque, to see my mom and drive her car back. I’m buying my mom’s old car (she upgraded) since I can’t take the bus to South Central for the new job. Actually, technically I can, but I don’t plan to. Anyway, I ran this trip by my doctor the day of the transfer and she said she’d prefer I didn’t leave town, especially get on an airplane, before all my betas are done. When I pressed further, she explained that I should be close to her if I have “bleeding,” even if the plane ride is only an hour and my mom is a midwife. So my mom agreed to come out to LA with the car and have some fun with me for a few days. I’m so lucky to have a mom who’s willing to sell me her car for cheap and drive 13 hours straight to go to the beach and out to eat with me for my week off! I’ve been really sad about not seeing my sis and niece though.

I’ve had insomnia for a week. The nurses say this is normal for pregnancy. I’m exhausted and feel a little off, and I’ve been super emotional. It’s definitely cliche pregnancy stuff – I’ll be doing something totally normal like cleaning the kitchen, then all of a sudden I’m standing there crying. I know the sleep deprivation is contributing to the crying because I’ve always been that way, it’s just more often and more intense. Has anyone else had insomnia their first trimester? Spontaneous crying? My older sister said she did (well, the insomnia), and my little sister said maybe it’s the body’s way of preparing you for parenting. Well I’m getting a crash course! I’m not complaining, just observing. In fact, I’ve been excited about getting morning sickness because I’ll know it’s a good sign. I’ve been reading articles about dealing with morning sickness and fatigue at work and I bought ginger everything – beer, candies, tea – in preparation. Only a little nausea here and there so far.

Monday, 11am:

12 hours later. I greeted my mom, got her settled in, and slept on and off last night. I’m tired but excited for her visit. This morning we had coffee and talked about pregnancy stuff, then took a long walk. Such luxury having my mom around! I’ve always looked forward to being pregnant and having my midwife mom for support, so this is my chance! We’re going to Korean BBQ for lunch near my partner’s office because she’s leaving this afternoon for a business overnight in Texas. Then we’re going to do fun LA tourist stuff for a few days – Hollywood, Santa Monica pier, hiking in Malibu, downtown. I promise my next post will be way more fun than this one. I’ll post lots of fun pictures!

And maybe sometime during this week off I’ll take a nap…