Medical update: this morning we had an office visit for bloodwork and ultrasounds to check some things before we start stimulation. We’ve never both had US on the same day which was interesting. We both just finished our periods. Endometrial linings were very thin which is what the medical team wants so they can start over – a clean slate so they can have their way with our reproductive systems! I have some endometriums which are painful little things along my lining that I don’t really understand. As long as they don’t get in the way of a pregnancy I’m fine with them. J had 8 follicles on one ovary and 14 on another – 22! We can work with that. Later our IVF coordinator called to say our estrogen levels were nice and low – 35 & 37 – so we can go ahead with our IVF cycle. This is great news!

I start estrogen twice a day tomorrow and decrease Lupron to 5 units from 20. I’ve been getting headaches that may just be from the heat but maybe they’ll go away. J starts stim shots on Saturday and also decreases Lupron that day. I’m going to make her some yummy food and we’re planing a chill weekend so hopefully all will go well.

Next post I will introduce our donor!