This weekend we packed up the car and headed to San Diego, which we do as often as we can. The weather was gorgeous and we spent Saturday cleaning and painting exteriors windows at J’s rental property. The sun was hot and we fell into an exhausted pre-dinner nap, then woke up and took early Lupron shots so we could enjoy our evening (not too early – we’re in a two-hour window).

The restaurants in uptown San Diego are fantastic; part farm-to-table, part hipster, part class. We had trouble getting reservations because of Mother’s Day and even with a res we had to wait, surrounded by celebrated ladies and their children. We met our friends who are also TTC. This wasn’t on purpose, we just wanted to get together for dinner. Finally, at a garden table surrounded by heat lamps, lights and a fountain, the wine was poured and we all raised a glass. My friend said, “To the mothers-to-be” and we all clinked glasses.

Let me just say as a side note that I have really been indulging in food since we started this whole thing. We’re finally off birth control and the cravings are subsiding, but Saturday I went all out – warm fluffy bread, melty brie, then grass-fed filet mignon with a creamy mushroom sauce and crispy vegetables, and finally a warm homemade cookie smothered in ice cream and whipped cream. Yeah.

We spent most of the dinner discussing our plans and sharing pics of respective sperm donors. The pics of their donor was so cute we almost decided to have a Puerto Rican baby! We showed them our little Italian guy and talked about egg retrieval and insemination, and every time the server appeared I kind of felt like kids who were doing something we didn’t want the teacher to see.

My friend and her wife have been wanting to have a baby for awhile and I can’t wait for them to conceive. I adore both of them and they’re going to be loving, intelligent, and hilarious mothers. We agreed that if one of us has trouble and the other is successful, we will all be happy for each other; I can’t imagine being happier for anyone! But we also agreed that if both couples are successful in the next few months it would be amazing and we’ll have alcohol-free meals together.

Once we returned to LA J had to go to the office for a few hours. On a Sunday! When she came home I had dinner ready and the table set. She placed a gift bag on the table and told me she’d gotten a mother-to-be present for me. I actually cried, I really honestly haven’t been that sentimental so far, only when I actually see babies or something! I was so touched that I just wrapped my arms around her and said thank you without even having to open it (it was lots of awesome Burt’s Bees stuff)!

That was our last weekend before we start stimulation!